Two days ago a lot of news sites talked about the new web browser created by Google called Chrome, and the comic published for the event at Google‘s blog looks so cool. But the first question that I had for myself was “really we need another web browser” and “what the hell, another browser to test EcmaScript and CSS compatibility”. Finally I thought that another web browser isn’t bad idea if it introduces useful features and improves the competence between companies. But there is a point that I don’t like, Google (the new Big Brother) puts a browser in the scene and now the Big Brother can known all that you do in the net , not only the searches by Google. Perhaps we should wait and look for the paths that Chrome and Google takes in the future. And remember that a browser can be that dangerous and malicious that a Ring… “One browser to rule them all, One browser to find them all, One browser to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.” Ups… I forget to tell that this post have been writen with Chorme and for the moment works apparently fine but it’s a shame that only Windows users can test it 🙁

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