Monthly Archives: February 2009

200 años del nacimiento de Charles Darwin

Hoy día 12 de Febrero de 2.009,  se cumple el segundo centenario del nacimiento de Charles Darwin. Desde ROTB solo podemos agradecir a Sir Charles toda su aportación a la ciencia y desearle que su travesia, a borde del H.M.S. Beagle, más allá de los confines del universo le sea placentera 🙂 .


Open clients for virtualization.

VMWare has published an open client for Linux, and few months ago Sun Microsystems published the VirtualBox project under the GLP license.

Not so far, was very dificult or imposible to found an open project (under GLP, freeware, etc.) for virtualize a system.

What happends now?

Enjoy your privacy while having it!

Our friends in Mountain View, have been developed an application that can help you to find your friends in real-time. How? Localizing the mobile of your friends, previous authorization, of course!

The name of this weapon against the privacy is Latitude; in my country there is a popular sentence that describes it “es un lobo con piel de cordero” that means is a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

And remember to enjoy your privacy while having it!