Snow Leopard & OpenCV2.0

To start developing my PFC in computer vision I need to install OpenCV on my Mac OS X (Snow Leopard).  I found some problems before I can installed it. First that I do to install OpenCV2.0 with all the dependencies was install macports. Before to install macports you should have installed the latest XCode; remember if you have Snow Leopard and you have XCode from an older version you must uninstall XCode and install the XCode version for Snow Leopard. This is because Snow Leopard is a 64bits system that enable you Mac to use all of the power of a 64bits machine, if you maintain the older XCode some of the tools that you will need (Unix dev. tools) works with 32bits and macports will try to compile (as default in Snow Leopard) in 64bits… grrrhhhh! For this reason I recommend you to do the following steps:

– Unistall all the XCode: sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools –mode=all
– Install the XCode version for Snow Leopard.
– Install macports.

Now you’re ready to install OpenCV thru macports:

– Selfupdate macports (this is recomendable each time that you use macports): sudo port selfupdate

– Install OpenCV with all the dependecies: sudo port install opencv

I haven’t never installed OpenCV before and the installation (thru macports) installs a lot of dependencies that sometimes fails but doing again the installation of opencv, finally were installed all successfully.

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