Academic Ligthweight Browser

Academic Lightweight Browser called Alba is the name of the end of degree project that I presented at the end of my estudies in the UPC (Politechnical University of Catalonia) to obtains the Diploma in Computer Software (Technical Engineer in Computer Software named in Spain). The project covers the design and implementation (with Java language and technology) of a HTML lightweight browser for blind people or people with less vision, using a simple interface base on key events and TTS (text-to-speech). Blog (in Catalan) of the creation process and the ALBA browser (with Java Web Start). The project received the Distinction Grade, and was showed in Galàctica (international fair of inventions and new patents) inside the university section.

If you want to try the application, it will start with Java Web Start and once will open press the key F11 to listen the quick start guide.

There is a reported bug (bug ID: 4647551)  to Sun Microsystem to fix an error that affects the KeyListener for the JPanel when works with a JInternalFrame.

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